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From Diva By Temeka

“When working with MsNickee Mack you can always expect your event to be a success. Whether she’s your Hostess, show producer, or responsible for the models in your show, you will get nothing less than perfection


 From Trina the Doll

Receiving services from Diva Day has been nothing shy of phenomenal. Coming to this one stop experience has provided my brands with numerous opportunities for growth and exposure. What MsNickeeTheBrand provides is credibility, which gave my brands notice from audiences she has access to on another level. Not only do the recognize you at that moment, but she assures longevity alliances as long as you and your brand remain business worthy. Diva Day is a place I love to call home on a professional and personal level. When I need spiritual and health healing Diva Day provides resources. When I need to boost my modeling career she will put me in line with the DivaDayDolls for structure. If you are looking for growth in all aspects of your like than you will find it if MsNickeeTheBrand is involved. I❤️DivaDay

Kathryn Michel

What can I say, MsNickee is an incredibly talented, big hearted person who gives and gives and often gets little in return. However, that never changes who she is, maybe who she deals with, but not how she deals with them. I wouldnt be a model today if it weren’t for her patience and encouragement. My runway was nothing nice before she whipped me into shape and to be very honest it’s still only average, but if you knew where I started you would understand the skills MsNickee possesses. Oh but make no mistakes I can take a picture! Anyhoo, just giving props where they are due. MsNickee is very needed this industry. If a model needs training they need to see MsNickee.

LyDina Jean Collection

My affiliation with Diva Day International was purely by surprise. Before being referred to MsNickee (while shopping at an Ashley Stewart store) being a model was not in my blue print. That is, until Diva Day International (DDI) replace my sneakers with stilettos. This brand has given me the experience, confidence, and sisterhood needed to become a plus model. As a result, I have been with DDI for over 3 years, and trust MsNickee with not only my modeling career but also my brand. MsNickee the Brand is an asset to my business by providing marketing and key production concepts for growing my audience. If your looking to work with a company that is loyal to your business needs, and passionate about your success, you have found it.

They say there is no testimony without a test. I advise you to test MsNickeetheBrand and prepare to write your testimony…

-Lydina Jean Collection

LaTonya Ferguson

My testimony regarding Diva Day...

Diva Day (MsNickee) has been a voice for me when I was afraid to speak out about my insecurities, self hate, past, mistakes, embarrassing moments and so much more. When I encountered a relationship with this organization I felt like I had found a sisterhood as well as an opportunity to finally be who I was destined to be. I realized that these women have dealt with some of the same issues and the fact that they had overcome them, gave me hope. Diva Day is one of the reasons I decided to finally choose me over everyone else, I decided to take better care of me and to finally get to know me. I'm all about family but I never thought that God had a whole other family welcoming me with open arms. I found confidence, self awareness, strength and I left depression, stress, old hurt and so much, behind me!

You don’t know me, but I have no problem telling another woman that she’s got it going on. You are absolutely gorgeous with some fabulous pictures!! I've always wanted to be a plus size model, but I'm only 5'4, and I'd probably need to drop a size or 2 to be successful in it (I'm a 22). It's always been on my mind, and seeing your pics brought it back to the forefront :). Again, you look great! Thanks for being such an inspiration.



Victory Waters of Victory Waters Speaks Syndicated Radio Talk Show

"MsNickee and her crew are the original divas with flair and style. I worked with MsNickee for an Atlanta Red Carpet event in which I came to appreciate not only MsNickee's modeling talent but her ability to take control of a situation and own it. She is truly captivating to watch in action. From her Tyra strut to her beautiful demeanor to her outer beauty. MsNickee should never be called anything less than Ms. I've also had the pleasure to work with one of her designers Al-Beauti. The two of them, MsNickee and Al-Beauti, took my measurements and had a fabulous dress made to order in less than 24 hours. The dress I speak of is the one I'm wearing in the photo with designer Al-Beauti. Under pressure - Al-Beauti worked it out. Thanks again to MsNickee, Al-Beauti and Diva Day International. Victory Waters loves your style!"

DDI you are always going that extra mile for Zellyo Productions Inc,whether it was for Big Boned Women Doc Film,Calendar,BBW annual fashion shows, Runway training,Hair/make-up, film production,castings,PR,security,event planning .OMG the list goes on and on. When do you sleep? lol

DDI it has been such a pleasure working with you year after year. Words can not express how I feel to have been blessed by your company. I asked God to send me someone that is equally yoked and guess what? There you were right there when I needed you most. God sent me a "Angel" when he sent you into my life. Diva Day Int. whenever I needed something you never hesitated to help me.As my grandmother us to say "You showed up and showed out!"

What a pleasure it is to work with a professionals group of ladies. I wanted to tell you to keep doing what you do cause you do it well. Thank you for always having my back DDI. Thank you for helping me to see all my dreams become a reality. Thank you for blessing me and my family.

Zellyo Productions family thank you from the bottom of our hearts.God is not finished with you. I use to be afraid of not succeeding in my dreams but I will never live in fear again. My definition of fear is this F.E.A.R. is false evidence appearing to be real.

Let keep it real DDI!!

My motto is "Never give up on your dreams,you are in charge of your destiny,so never EVER give up on YOU!

Love ya

Zellyo Productions Inc

Yolanda Zellous/Founder-CEO

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