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Keri Steward Awww peaches you know I love you and appreciate you more than you'll ever know. I don't know if you realize the impact you have on others, your presence and words are powerful which allows those around you to be liberated from our own fears! I can't thank you enough and I thank God for connecting us! xoxoxoxoxo

 MsNickee Muaagentrunwaycoach ShowhostMack, you are soooo sweet. You know we go way back and I truly love and respect you for being such a "beast" in everything you do. Look up the word "Majestic Queen" and honeyyyyyyyy, your picture pops out!!!!
Always know you are blessed and the most high didnt bring you this far just to leave you. Stay relevant and keep struttin like no body' s business. "Drop the Mic"

Thank you MsNickee Muaagentrunwaycoach ShowhostMack for ALWAYS supporting HOBI Studios!!!! We've gotten endless calls and referrals thanks to you. Your loyalty and partnership is appreciated so much. FB Family check her out for your make-up, modeling, event hosting or coaching needs. Bottom line, if you don't know her you need to. We love you MsNickee Hair Beauty Fashion Host Mua!!!

WalkingnGod'sfavor Adams
MsNickee Muaagentrunwaycoach ShowhostMack, I am still holding back on the tears of joy and gratitude. You have been a support to my Princess Kimanni from day one...never changing, never wavering. We appreciate and love you endlessly. #blessed #awesomeness #family

hey Ms Nickee i just want say thank you for the work you do !!! you are fabulous !! Excuse my English i'm french !! I saw the picture of the great show "Beach Bling Fashions show" And i love it !!! so much i'm so happy to see beautiful plus size woman on the runway !!! you give chance to her !!! you are good thx to being you have a great day !


Awwww!!! MsNickee, you inspire me! Your enthusiasm and passion is so uplifting. I can just feel your positivity thru your FB status updates! Love them! Have an awesome day!

Thank u again for the opportunity to work with u yesterday Ms Nickee Mack... it was an honor & blessing to be in your professional company & watch u do (a portion of) what u do. I can't tell u enuff what it meant to me & I wish I didn't have to leave early. I am excited again about hair & make-up & really hope we can work together again in the near future. I learned so much & I look forward to learning much more from u & ur team.

Wanting to wish you a wonderful New Year's Eve. Have a Rocking time be safe and as 2016 rolls in I am wishing you the best. I really mean all the best. We work hard..we dream big..this is our Year to Explode. It will be a New Year, but problems will arise...but don't let that get in the way of your Success. I love you and I am happy I can call you my Friend. Let 2016 give each of us our Heart's desire.

Much Love Always

Michelle-Ontario Canada

Hi, Ms. Mack Im not sure how a came across ur page but im glad i did. i have alwayswanted to model but would always get discouraged because i didnt see big sexy females like my self on the runway or in outfits that look good. This might not mean much to you but it ment alot to me and because of ur pictures on your page in 2011 im let n the DIVA in me come all the way out. Thank for being an eye opener for me.....

“The level of service at Diva Day International LLC is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you for always being you!”

 RA RA Entertainment

Renee Hamilton Pro Model/MUA
You have to know that you are good without people telling you anything. There is a difference between opinion and critique. When I first started doing lashes people said I did a great job. I didn't. I had a lot of work to do. I compared myself with the work of other artists and learned the technique. You have to develop a base of artists that are honestly better than you and more experienced. My sis emphasized the vitality of peer critique. That is by other artists and not family or friends. You don't disregard them, but they can only provide an opinion. What you need is honest critique and a big sis in the biz.

One time I was with MsNickee at an award show and she asked me to do make-up for 3 of the girls. Keep in mind I had to do my own. We only had 45 minutes before we had to leave the hotel. Ask me why I got all 4 faces done in that time and I mean full faces, highlighted, contoured, with lashes and all.
Honestly, I was so scared at first. Before then it took me at least 30minutes a face, but she challenged and believed in me and it empowered me even more....
I never knew I could do a full face in 10-15 minutes until then

Chinyere Okoma NEW YORK MODEL

One thing i really enjoyed about working with Ms. Nickee is that she is truly a professional and she takes what she does seriously. When I was first getting into modeling, she helped me with my catwalk and also realize that I have a signature walk which made me unique on the runway. Ms.Nickee has helped me grow in so many ways but what I enjoyed the most is her positive genuine advice that has helped many women that are trying to move forward in this competitive industry. I have now moved to New York to continue pursuing my dreams as a high fashion working model and I still keep in contact with her for advice and everything else. If you are looking to grow and want to move forward to the next big thing in your life, I definitely recommend working with this Woman because she will and can open doors for you and for your success in the future.
you deserve it and everything that's coming. iv'e seen you work so hard at so many things during the times that we worked together and I truly believe God is about to work on you. 2010 is your year so live it up and don't forget about me!!!

Ms Nickee Mack & Diva Day International,

I'm so proud to see how much you have grown! Working with you is alway's a great joy!

Carlos Coleman
C Fox Productions

Brian Short  Celebrity Stylist!
LOL, who me??? I'm not a lady killer.... I just make 'em say ugggghhhh na na na na...LOL...

Ms. Nickee, beats a face like no other! She is mulit-talented, uber professional, utterly talented and exudes confidence in a way that few can. I have worked with her in several capacities from her as my on set make-up artist, to using her models during castings, and working fashion shows. If you are wondering or had questions as to whether or not she is the one, end those doubts now! She is the one!!!!

Cheryl Milligan Professional Model
MsNickee,You are truly gifted in the arts MsNickee!  You use every creative muscle in your body to command and produce greatness.  I just want to thank you for allowing me to learn and grow from watching you.  I want you to know that you will live a long life because you are making deposits into the life of every face you touch, every model you critique.  You are depositing confidence, knowledge, power, and exposure.  Thanks for sharing your wisdom, skills, and your diva attitude! See you at the 

I didn't see a place for me to add my testimonial, but could you add it for me? Ms Nickee first I would like to say how proud I am of you and Diva Day International, you are a wonderful person in all aspects and I wish you continued success for many years to come. I cant wait to work with you again...

Cherri Dallas Atlanta Ga
“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Diva Day International LLC was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”
Quanita Professional Singer/Model
I don't even know where to start... you are a beautiful, awesome being whose heart shines through whenever you enter a room.  I know that God blesses you with people and brings them into your life for a reason.  I enjoyed the time I had learning and being apart of Diva Day. You as a teacher brought out Q.Cheries' I was not shy and self consious and believed in myself and worked it everytime. Thank you!  You are more than someone I worked with, you are a friend, my big sis.
You will definitely reach your goals and continue to be blessed because of what you do for the women of Diva Day. A professional group of ladies that continue to blossom and will surpass the constraints of Atlanta.
Love ya girl,
Quanita Professional Singer/Model
What can I say about Ms. Nickee and the Diva Day team except they bring the WOW FACTOR to everything they do and where they go.  I have had the privilege to work with them for the last 3 years.  My meeting Ms. Nickee was only by divine intervention since I would have never known  about her but for a chance meeting when I took a friend to meet with her for a modeling interview.  We hit it off and have been in touch since.
I recommend all my clients whether it be for makeup, fashion clothing or models to use DIVA DAY.  Ms. Nickee is the star of the show every time and her models are top rate always giving 110% professionalism.
It is an honor and a privilege to consistently work with them.  If you don’t have Diva Day you don’t have the best on your side.

Georgette Lake

CEO of My Special Events
I am enjoying every step down the catwalk with Diva Day international. As the head, Ms. Nickee, is the eyes, ears, and mouth of it's success. As the feet, the girls can move your soul.  As the heart, all the ladies are gifts of gold. Thank you so very much for being the professionals I love to keep in touch. Big smiles, Leave a place on the catwalk for me.
Debbie Lewis Professional Actress/Model
Hello Ms Nickee,
I am pretty bad with this facebook thing, but I just wanted to send you a quick note to say "Whazzup!" I hope all is well with you and yours. Hopefully one day my schedule will free up so that I can continue my training with you. You taught me so much in such a short time frame and I am forever grateful.
Much continued success,
Girl You  always get me teary eyed. Yes any time girl.....The rest of the day was great! I got out by 630pm. I was so glad they u brought your girls I love that u ladies are so together. Thats why I wanted yall to go 1st to set the pace for the day. I cant wait to see the rest of the pix. Thank you sooooo soooo much. I hope to see you on Monday. That should be a big shoot day also. I hope to get 75-100 ladies in from 5pm til 9pm. I want to take pix also on Monday. I want to wear one of your outfits in the shoot. The girls were gracious and oh so beautiful. I truly love you guys........I mean ladies of Diva Day. 
Yolanda of Zelly O Productions
hi ms nickee i would love to come to atl to meet you.I have a lot of ? to ask you. your girls really have their stuff together!!! i would like to be apart of your team. so when u get a chance hit me back.
You don’t know me, but I have no problem telling another woman that she’s got it going on. You are absolutely gorgeous with some fabulous pictures!! I've always wanted to be a plus size model, but I'm only 5'4, and I'd probably need to drop a size or 2 to be successful in it (I'm a 22). It's always been on my mind, and seeing your pics brought it back to the forefront :). Again, you look great! Thanks for being such an inspiration.
"You doing the dang on thang in GA Ms.Nickee! May you continue to be abundantly blessed and you are truly missed in Cicninnati! Much Love! God Bless!"
Thank YOU!!!! I can not tell you enough how thankful I am that you have come into my life. God lets everything happen for a reason and although the AMC show was definitely an "experience", I am so greatful that I was able to meet Diva Day.

 Ms Nickee you are an AWESOME individual. It amazes me how willing you are to bless us with your wealth of knowledge and talent, and you don't even think twice about doing it!!! You will be rewarded ten fold for your work and I can't wait to witness your mighty blessing. 
Thank you again for all that you do. And a special thank you to your family for sharing you with us!!!!
I love you,
Karlyn Professional Model
Goodmorning, How are you? I really enjoyed the meeting yesterday. I love what you are doing with you company. I feel some really great things are going to happen with your business. Keep doing your thing. Its so good to meet people with the same love and interest. I live, dream and eat the beauty and entertainment industry and it is so refreshing to see you with that same love or greater. Have a great day.
From Victory Waters:
"MsNickee and her crew are the original divas with flair and style.  I worked with MsNickee for an Atlanta Red Carpet event in which I came to appreciate not only MsNickee's modeling talent but her ability to take control of a situation and own it.  She is truly captivating to watch in action.  From her Tyra strut to her beautiful demeanor to her outer beauty.  MsNickee should never be called anything less than Ms.  I've also had the pleasure to work with one of her designers Al-Beauti.  The two of them, MsNickee and Al-Beauti, took my measurements and had a fabulous dress made to order in less than 24 hours.  The dress I speak of is the one I'm wearing in the photo with designer Al-Beauti.  Under pressure  - Al-Beauti worked it out.  Thanks again to MsNickee, Al-Beauti and Diva Day International.   Victory Waters loves your style!"
Victory Waters of Victory Waters Speaks Syndicated Radio Talk Show
Hello MsNickee and Diva Day International team, I just wanted to say thank you so very very much for doing what you do.  I thank you for believing in me and my vision to help others. You saw things in my that I didn't see. You help me to believe that all things are possible and to keep the faith. Even in your darkest hour you came through for me without even batting a eye. MsNickee you are a strong beautiful women. I love it when you smile, When you smile the world smiles back at you.

Victory Waters Speaks Syndicated Talk Radio Show
DDI you are always going that extra mile for Zellyo Productions Inc,whether it was for Big Boned Women Doc Film,Calendar,BBW annual fashion shows, Runway training,Hair/make-up, film production,castings,PR,security,event planning .OMG the list goes on and on. When do you sleep? lol
DDI it has been such a pleasure working with you year after year. Words can not express how I feel to have been blessed by your company. I asked God to send me someone that is equally yoked and guess what? There you were right there when I needed you most. God sent me a "Angel" when he sent you into my life.  Diva Day Int. whenever I needed something you never hesitated to help me.As my grandmother us to say "You showed up and showed out!"
What a pleasure it is to work with a professionals group of ladies. I wanted to tell you to keep doing what you do cause you do it well. Thank you for always having my back DDI. Thank you for helping me to see all my dreams become a reality. Thank you for blessing me and my family.
Zellyo Productions family thank you from the bottom of our hearts.God is not finished with you. I use to be afraid of not succeeding in my dreams but I will never live in fear again. My definition of fear is this F.E.A.R. is false evidence appearing to be real.
Let keep it real DDI!!
My motto is "Never give up on your dreams,you are in charge of your destiny,so never EVER give up on YOU!
Love  ya
Zellyo Productions Inc
Yolanda Zellous/Founder-CEO
Diva Day Int'l lit up our runway with a runway show full of style, poise, and sensuality. I would recommend their company to anyone who is looking to add a little pizzazz to their event.
   Amber A.
Creative Director
 Visual Erections

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